ICSI center in Madina women hospital is the first specialized fertility center in Alexandria equipped with Modern clean room lab with the capsule system to create the best environment for the growth of embryos ensuring highest success rates of fertilization & pregnancy.

ICSI Executive Manager
Dr Ashraf Abo Ali

ICSI managers
Dr Ahmed Elmessiry – Dr Sherif Anis – Dr Sherif Gaafar

ICSI Professors and consultants
Dr Ibrahim Ghanem – Dr Adel Aboelhassan – Dr Asraf Hany – Dr Hesham Adel
Dr Mohamed ElMahdy – Dr Mohamed Nayel – Dr Yehia Othman – Dr Mohamed Samir
Dr Gaber Elserougy – Dr Hany Atef Elshafie – Dr Manal Fadel – Dr Ahmed Azzam

ICSI Specialists
Dr Samiha Elsabie – Dr Dalia Mostafa

Andrology Professors and Consultants
Dr Tarek Hussein – Dr Wael Sameh – Dr Abdelrahman Zahran

Contacts : 01205099991 - 01016172332- 01002153124

Madina Hospital