Travel & Cure Program

Madina Women Hospital is welcoming our clients from all around the world providing them “Travel & Cure Program” for Egyptians and foreigners starting from facilitating the booking of tickets – providing different accommodation degrees upon your choice & enjoying our special tourism program .
“Travel & Cure program” includes:
1-Fertility operation
ICSI center in Madina women hospital is the first specialized fertility center in Alexandria equipped with Modern clean room lab with the capsule system to create the best environment for the growth of embryos ensuring highest success rates of fertilization & pregnancy.
2-Obesity surgery
Our MBC center is the first center in Egypt joining the global accreditation program for Obesity surgery IFSO (International list Federation for the surgery of Obesity & Metabolic disorders) and listed as one of the 10 centers in the middle East for Obesity surgery & stomach conversion .
3-Breast cosmetic & Tumor surgery
With our senior professor doctors and consultant team of breast surgeries.